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Turn your luck around with these tips to help win Giveaways!

Do you feel like you enter giveaway after giveaway but rarely ever win? I know how you feel I felt the exact same way when I started entering giveaways a few years ago, and know what? I don't win most of the giveaways I entered, but with consistency and time, a little can go a long way and make you feel like you're carrying a horseshoe around or a four-leaf clover if you believe in that sort of luck like I do.  Entering giveaways without any luck can definitely be very frustrating certainly when we're all entering to WIN! Who doesn't want to win every now and then, I know I want to. Maybe you're starting to feel like the giveaway may be a little rigged, but rest assured I will share with you the tips I use to lead me on the right path in Winning some of these contests, that's the fun part, right?  I do have to say that giveaways do work and that with some time and effort put into entering contests you too will be bringing home some cool prizes. If you are gettin

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